1949 Born in Loosdrecht, The Netherlands
Corrie Lugtenaar lives and works in Enschede, The Netherlands
1994–1995Master's Degree Film and Television Studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam The Netherlands
1990–1994Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland Oregon USA
1993Nancy Tonkin Memorial Scholarship
1991Merit Scholarship Pacific Northwest College of Art
2004–2008Public School Enschede The Netherlands - Initiated\facilitated concept "Open Atelier" Painting Drawing and Sculpture for children and parents after school
2003–2005Private Art studio Hilversum The Netherlands Initiated/facilitated concept " Open Atelier" for children
1997Consultant for LCOR/Schiphol USA and JFK Redevelopment Program: at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport.
1997–2000Project: Bridges over Europe of Trudy Nijman and Paul Gofferje Artist from Amsterdam accepted and placed
1992–1994Assistent Curator at Vivian and Gordon Gilkey Center for Graphic Arts, Portland Art Museum, Oregon USA
2001Art Space Gallery Bay City Oregon USA, Photo-image Transfers
1999Jega Gallery Ashland Oregon USA, Metal Sculptures
Gallery Vermeulen Loosdrecht The Netherlands, Encaustic Paintings
Gallery Metis Amsterdam The Netherlands, Artist Book Handmade
1998Osborn Gallery Manzanita Oregon USA, Metal Sculptures
1996The Netherlands Club New York USA, Metal Sculpture
1994Portland Art Museum Portland Oregon USA, Monotypes Paintings Metal sculptures
Oregon Health Science University Portland Oregon USA, Monotypes
1993Wentz Gallery Portland Oregon USA, Monotypes Photo's

Heathman Hotel Portland Oregon USA Lino Prints
2005KunstenaarsInitiatief B93 Enschede The Netherlands, Oil Paintings
2003KunstenaarsInitiatief B93 Enschede The Netherlands, Mixed Media and Oil Paintings
1999Davis & Cline Ashland Oregon USA, Photo-image Transfers
1994–1998The Sovereign Collection Portland Oregon USA, Metal Sculptures
1994BioArch Corporate Headquarters Portland Oregon USA, Photo's Monotypes Metal Sculptures
1991Peaceful Arts Gallery LaGrand USA, Mixed Media
1993Oregon Ballet Theatre Portland Oregon USA - Presentation and story around Metal Sculpture The Dancer
Before The American Choreographers Showcase Performance